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TMS is an experimental noise project by the artists Malte Steiner (DE/DK) and Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen (DK). The format is improvisational sound pieces and concerts built out of Steiner and Madsen's sonic interactions, where noise-scapes and complex structures emerge from intense layering of various in- and outputs. The physical interaction with materials has an additional focus and thus to create a more performative and visual sound experience. TMS use primarily various pedals, self-built controllers and Pure Data to create their sounds. Each chosen element is very important for the whole, where the combination of these play a vital role in the compositions. The inputs can be analogue as well as digital; modulated, transformed and distorted.

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movement(al) distortion(s) – Primal Uproar Festival in Hamburg 01.07.2017

performance / concert Posted on Sun, October 01, 2017 18:28:22


movement(al) distortion(s) – Liebig12 at XB Liebig 24.06.2017

performance / concert Posted on Sun, October 01, 2017 18:23:57

TMS performed movement(al) distortion(s) at an event organized by Liebig12 at XB Liebig, Liebigstr. 34, Berlin. The program was co-curated by Liebig12 and Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen.

Live acts for the evening:

C-drík (improv, electroacoustic)
Aleks Slota (blackened noise)
TMS [Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen & Malte Steiner] (experimental noise)
SCREAMING IT [Greta Christensen & Dr. Nexus] (experimental noise)

Link to sound documentation of the TMS concert (full length)

Linux Audio Conference 2017

performance / concert Posted on Sun, October 01, 2017 18:14:36

TMS performing 5-HT_five levels to zero at Auditorium de la Maison de l’Université Jean Monnet, St. Etienne (FR).

Artist talk and concert at Ground in Hull (UK) March 2017

news Posted on Fri, March 03, 2017 17:39:34

TMS will play their 5-HT_five levels to zero concert at Ground in Hull (UK) on March 17. 2017. Before the concert they will do an artist talk about their artistic processes and use of free software. The event starts at 19h.

Address: 60 Beverley Road. Kingston upon Hull.

Video documentation of the concert:

Supernoise in Aarhus (DK)

performance / concert Posted on Fri, March 03, 2017 16:58:34

TMS performed movement(al) distortion(s) at the International Supernoise Festival in Aarhus (DK) on February 4. 2017.

Link to full concert on Mixcloud

Photos by: Benjamin Detto and Tri Minh.

Piksel Festival 2017

performance / concert Posted on Fri, March 03, 2017 16:32:50

TMS performed 5-HT_five levels to zero at the Piksel Festival in Bergen (NO). The concert took place on Friday November 25 at Landmark in Bergen.

About the piece:

5-HT_five levels to zero is based on the structural qualities of the neurotransmitter serotonin. The dynamics of the molecule will be improvised and performed live in a dynamic and counterbalanced noise act that deals with both the balances as well as the imbalances inherent, resulting in chaotic states caused by disruption of this unit in the brain. The piece is a translation of a physiological entity into a mixed analogue and digital composition. During the continuance of the piece the structure will through noise-based sounds illustrate a biochemical conversion process going to zero; a molecular structure used as a concept for a sonic arrangement.

For the piece, TMS has created a score that captures the dynamics of the musical composition. The performance for the Piksel Festival will be a revised edition of this, where the audio will be accompanied by a projection of a visual score created in Blender and Pure Data, based on the shape of the serotonin molecule displayed together with scientific meta data as well as a timer. This enables the audience to follow the progression of the piece, which is divided into 5 dynamic levels, gradually counting down time.

TMS in Aarhus October and November 2016

performance / concert Posted on Thu, November 17, 2016 19:55:09

October 20. TMS was a part of an event at Radar in Aarhus, which focused on sound and visual art. TMS performed their movement(al) distortion(s) and created a sound installation for Radar’s Unity sound system located in the venues foyer and toilets. Additionally TMS’ Malte Steiner did a solo concert as Elektronengehirn and the media installation deStatik was shown in one of the front windows of Radar responding to the movement of the passers-by.

Photos of TMS concert by Kim Song Sternkopf.

movement(al) distortions(s) at Spektrum, Berlin

performance / concert Posted on Sat, September 10, 2016 05:29:39

The piece movement(al) distortion(s) was performed on September 10 at
SPEKTRUM | art science community
Bürknerstraße 12 12047 Berlin

movement(al) distortion(s) is an experimental noise-industrial performance, where performative inputs of objects and body(triggered) sounds will be transformed and distorted through the use of analogue electronic manipulation. The feed-ins will happen live and run through various pedals and other self-created DIY manipulators that transform these into a dynamic noise-scape. Translating and modifying movement and interaction with body and objects into sound.

The sources and inputs come from the interaction of the two performers, each bringing physical elements into the shared composition. Sounds from objects and the interaction between body, surfaces and the architectural structures of the space feed into the piece through the use of piezos. Both performers will live manipulate their own generated sounds into an interwoven structure of dynamic noise patterns.

Malte Steiner from TMS opened the night with an Electronengehirn set:

In the piece Meta-instrument [Stochastic Satz #1-3], Elektronengehirn fusions the world of analog modular sound-synthesis with that of software, combining both means of aesthetics to one composition with a focus on the advantages and as well as the limits of each system. The expressiveness of the analog hardware synthesis is communicating with the complex control- and random patterns of software, here created with Pure Data.

Meta-instrument [Stochastic Satz #1-3] is a part of Steiner’s research in what he terms a meta-instrument. This concept is grounded in a wish to move beyond traditional means and methods, and create a more systematic approach to audio creation.

Malte Steiner began the project Elektronengehirn in 1996, where it started as a side project to his industrial outfit Notstandskomitee, but it soon developed to take on a more experimental identity of its own. The main features of Steiner’s electro-acoustic compositions are that they are primarily done with software with custom made applications, where he uses Max / MSP, Pure Data and Csound. Steiner’s sound projects are additionally closely related to his practice as a media artist, where he creates systems, which control and feeds the sound in real time.

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